Thursday, April 23, 2009

Journey to the Center of the Earth

crshcrsh Dragon said what was that? Killdeer said I don't know! Hawkeye said look in backyard theres a big hole in the ground! They went outside and seen a big hole in the ground.
Killdeer said lets go down there. Ok Hawkeye said first we need equipment. Killdeer got his grandpas old sword,dragon got his dads 30-3, and Hawkeye got his grandpas old sword too. hawkeye brought some extra guns and swords along just in case .Now they are ready to go.
They got bungee cords to climb down in the hole. They strapped it to the biggest tree there was. They started climbing down the hole it seemed like hours but it was only 30 minutes. But then someone untied the straps they started falling they kept falling and falling.Then they landed in a lake. They were all ok bug then they heard a roar .they were looking for a tunnel were the roar came from. Hawkeye found the tunnel he said come on guys. They went though the tunnel when they got to the end of it it was like arena on the other side Hawkeye seen at least 20 dinos they started running.They pulled out there weapons and started swinging slashing and shooting before you knew it they were all dead but one the biggest one.It stayed behind for the end. Dragon was hurt so they told him to go lay down. Hawkeye and Killdeer pulled out there swords and ran they started swinging and slashing . Then the dinosaur started shaking they flew off . They were hurt so bad they couldn't get up.Then they heard aaarrrrrr Shade Stone started running at the dinosaur.He slashed its head off Shade Stone said you guys ok ya said Hawkeye . They helped Killdeer and dragon up.Shade Stone said I kept hearing voices down in the hole .So I went down the hole to see who the voices were and look were we ended up .Lets go home guys ok lets go.