Thursday, April 23, 2009

Journey to the center of the earth

Lacey, Re nay,Casie and I were in the back of my yard playing. We got bored so we decide to go out and watch a movie at the movie thaerts .No one was there when we got there.
I said HUM there not be any one coming .The movie had started and an hour had passed when we heard a boom!!! We ran out through an exit when we saw a big hole and at the bottom of the hole we could see a big pretty beach .
Casie said lets go swimming .
I and Lacey said no cause we heard roars coming from the hole .Soon we had discovered that re nay was missing we could hear her voice coming form the hole so we jumped in to discover were she was at. 2 hours had passed and all we could hear was her screaming at the other end of the side .We found her at the other end.When we got we saw 2 big monsters fighting.
I said shh we have to get out of here .
3 hours had passed when we were at of the hole and at the end we went home.